Django Weekly - Issue #16 - 22/04/2011

News and Articles

1) How to make Google index AJAX content (with Django)

This post from Pornark (blog post, SFW. site, NSFW) covers a neat trick to setup a a dummy version of a site which Google can crawl. Clever and elegant approach.

2) A Guide to Testing in Django #2

The second part in this series, Daniel covers testing POST requests, forms and models.

3) Django Worst Practices

This presentation from Daniel Greenfeld is a great what-not-to-do-guide. Use it.

4) PyCharm IDE half-price

PyCharm is becoming a very well regarded Django IDE. It's 50% off until the 30th of April.


1) django-masquerade

"Masquerade is a simple app to allow site administrators (IE, any user with is_staff = True) to browse the site as a different user."

2) django-fiber

"A simple, user-friendly CMS for all your Django projects"

3) django-qbe

"The objective of django-qbe is provide a assited and interactive way of making complex queries with no technical knowledge (or minimal) to get custom reports from the objects of Django models."

4) django-ztask

"A simple framework for backgrounding tasks with Django, built on top of ZeroMQ."


1) Web Developer (Oxford, UK)

We are looking for a web developer to join our team based in central Oxford.

Incuna is a leading digital marketing agency specialising in the healthcare sector, working with a wide variety of clients on projects of various sizes.

Experience of HTML5, jQuery, Mercurial, Pinax, PostgeSQL, TDD, and Agile development would all be a bonus. There will also be opportunities to work with emerging technologies such as Node or Redis, and develop webapps for iOS and Android.

2) Web Developer (Anywhere)

Wine Expo is a large wine distributor and retailer in Southern California. Their current site is built on Joomla, but the owner is ready to go big on the next version of their site, and to integrate a full e-commerce engine.

A replacement site has already been mostly built in Django, but the developer on that has run out of time. What remains to be done; integrate a full ecommerce framework (Satchmo or other), adapt the existing site design (with some small modifications) to new back-end, and finish up all the nips and tucks and get site ready for launch.

If interested, please submit links to Django work you've done in the past along with your rates or a very rough estimate.

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