Django Weekly - Issue #3 - 13/01/2011

News and Articles

1) PyCon 2011 - Full talk and tutorial list now available!

A lot of Djangonauts will no doubt be attending PyCon 2011 in Atlanta this year, and the full schedule has been posted online. I'm deeply jealous of everyone who is attending.

2) DjangoCon Europe 2011 update

A few more details about DjangoCon Europe surfaced this week, including details of the <a href="">venue</a> and the <a href="">sprint location</a>.

3) Handling Django Settings Files

This article details an elegant way of handling Django settings files between development and production, written by the always informative Eric Holscher.

4) Docs or it doesn't exist

Luke Plant posted this fun rant on the state of open source package documentation. Well worth reading.

5) - The First Few Weeks, another of the cluster of infrastructure companies supporting Django, posted this interesting status update. They're readying a new wave of beta invites, so sign up!

6) Custom Filters in the Django Admin

Lincoln Loop bring us a great summary of a little known feature, the ability to build custom filters via the URL in the Django Admin.


1) django-classy-tags

"The goal of this project is to create a new way of writing Django template tags which is fully compatible with the current Django templating infrastructure. This new way should be easy, clean and require as little boilerplate code as possible while still staying as powerful as possible."

2) django-social-auth

"Django Social Auth is an easy to setup social authentication/registration mechanism for Django projects. Crafted using base code from django-twitter-oauth and django-openid-auth, implements a common interface to define new authentication providers from third parties."

3) django-content-blocks

I'm sure a lot of Django developers will have written their own implementation of 'content blocks', but this package is one of the best I've seen to provide this functionality.

4) pycco

"Pycco is a Python port of <a href="">Docco</a>: the original quick-and-dirty, hundred-line-long, literate-programming-style documentation generator. It produces HTML that displays your comments alongside your code."


1) Existem (Bristol, UK)

"Existem is looking for a Python/Django developer. Not only does this position offer the chance to join a relaxed working atmosphere, but also the opportunity to attend and help run our events in London and Germany. Open-plan, bright, creative office with dedicated kit, dual widescreens, 24 days holiday and a sensible working day."

2) Cox Media Group Digital (Atlanta, GA, USA (teleworking a possibility))

"Cox Media Group Digital is a Python shop, and we’re building one of the largest Django apps ever – scaled to serve web, mobile, and more for 100+ prominent newspaper, TV and radio sites. You will design, code, modify, review, test, debug, document, and implement mission critical applications and features. We do what it takes to produce a superior product and we have a lot of fun getting that job done."

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