Django Weekly - Issue #4 - 20/01/2011

News and Articles

1) Evaluating Django caching options

Cody Soyland evaluates the various caching options available for Django sites, complete with benchmarks.

2) Debug Django with the Werkzeug debugger

This article from Anthony Lenton at Canonical covers using the very capable <a href="">Werkzeug</a> debugger with your Django sites.

3) Official Djangocon Europe site launched

Well, there's a landing page, at least. Leave your email address for more information.

4) Using SELECT FOR UPDATE in Django

Noah Kantrowitz covers using the Postgres transactional isolation features in your Django ORM calls.

5) Django Software Stack

Paul Baranowski highlights the considerable depth that the modern web app stack has developed, along with summarising the choices made at Sourcefabric.


1) django-mediasync

"The goal of mediasync is to develop locally and then flip a switch in production that makes all the media URLs point to remote media URLs instead of the local media directory."

2) django-panorama

django-panorama is an app for displaying panoramic photos, along with hot areas. I love niche apps like this, done well, with great documentation. Kudos.


1) Existem (Bristol, UK)

"Existem is looking for a Python/Django developer. Not only does this position offer the chance to join a relaxed working atmosphere, but also the opportunity to attend and help run our events in London and Germany. Open-plan, bright, creative office with dedicated kit, dual widescreens, 24 days holiday and a sensible working day."

2) Cox Media Group Digital (Atlanta, GA, USA (teleworking a possibility))

"Cox Media Group Digital is a Python shop, and we’re building one of the largest Django apps ever – scaled to serve web, mobile, and more for 100+ prominent newspaper, TV and radio sites. You will design, code, modify, review, test, debug, document, and implement mission critical applications and features. We do what it takes to produce a superior product and we have a lot of fun getting that job done."

3) (New York, NY, USA)

" is looking for Django Software Engineers. Please send your cover letter and resume to This is not a telecommute job. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive, we can only respond to those applicants whose skills and experience most closely match out requirements. Please do not call."

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