Django Weekly - Issue #6 - 03/02/2011

News and Articles

1) Django 1.3 release schedule - Update 3

This post on gives the current status of Django 1.3. "...we are now aiming to produce a release candidate in the week of February 14, with a final release in the week of February 21."

2) Hosting multiple sites with same django project

This article from Rohan Jain, written just last year, covers the options for hosting multiple sites from a single project, including the excellent <a href="">django-multisite</a>. Interesting reading.

3) Giving back to the community

This post from Revolution Systems covers their plans for 2011, including further 'Office Hours' events (which are a great resource, I thoroughly recommend them), along with sponsoring the excellent

4) ReCaptcha in Django Forms

The title says it all here; a great walkthrough of intergating ReCaptcha in a Django site.

5) Running Django on Joyent Shared Accelerators using Virtualenv, pip, git, and Ngi

"In this guide we'll go over the process of deploying a Django application on a Joyent Shared Accelerator (now called SmartMachines).".


1) django-twitter-users

"The django-twitter-users app is a simple, drop-in application that handles authenticating users via the "Sign in with Twitter" service. It builds on the django.contrib.auth app to provide a simple API for authentication."


1) (New York, NY, USA)

" is looking for Django Software Engineers. Please send your cover letter and resume to This is not a telecommute job. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive, we can only respond to those applicants whose skills and experience most closely match out requirements. Please do not call."

2) Maykin Media (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

We are looking for people with a healthy mix of architect and developer skills looking for a parttime job. We are building infrastructure systems both for ourselves: named Recharted, an infrastructure system for the travel industry, and several large companies. No remote working, unless we know you from the community :)

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